A Kalasha village in Chitral Pakistan
A young Dervaish is in dance in a fair i Madhu Lal Hussain in Lahor...
A man is riding to his fields with his son.
Farmers are sowing wheat with traditional method in remote Pakistan.
Potter is just examining the final product after the fire is off in...
Horseman just before falling on the ground
Woman in red captured crossing bridge in a village Taobutt in Kashm...
Girl shepherds are controlling their sheep in Kashmir Pakistan.
Workers are finishing their work in a rice processing mill.
Shepherds are coming back to home from mountain meadows after summer
A farmer family going to fields with their dog
An old man is just coming back with his herd after day long work.
A man is busy in work in Kashmir while his pet hen is sitting beside.
Two farmers are coming back to home in the morning after watering ...
Drying clothes in Kalash village in Chitral Pakistan.
A couple is just chatting on the roof in a hill station.
A painted wall I saw during my travel to remote areas of Pakistan.
Fishermen are fishing in dying river Ravi in Pakistan.There is a sh...
Preparation of food in a small hotel in Sharda- a hill station in K...
a bull cart race in a remote village of P akistan.

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