Halfway between USA and Canada, Niagara Falls
A young girl running along the beach in Alcapoco Mexico.
Beautiful Water fountain in Fuggerei, Augsburg Germany
Door in the Fuggerei neighborhood in Augsburg Germany
Shakira, a White Tiger at an Oregon Petting Zoo
At the docks in Valdez one August afternoon.
Fuggerei fountain in Augsburg, Germany
In Germany I found that bikes are so popular than in the states, an...
This is a beautiful Bluebell from the Eagles Nest in Germany.
The path leading from the execution point at Dachau, Germany.
"Arbeit macht frei" Work shall set you free, Dachau, Germany.
First Snow fall in Alaska for Dozer, the golden retriever.
Storm moving into the Front Range, Northern Colorado.
An Akita at 4 months old. Who knew they could grow up to be such a...
Driving along the Richardson Hwy, Alaska - Rainbow Ridge in the fall.
This is the photo I call "flying debris" action shot while at the C...
This is Dozer, he was diagnosed with Lymphoma and had his first Che...
Trisha at her ranch in Two Rivers Alaska, a hard working woman that...
On the Alaska Marine Highway Ferry this flag was passing through th...
Fairbanks Coal Train delivering coal to UAF
Aleyska Pipeline with water sculpture in the distance.
Niagra Falls from New York going over the bridge to Canada.

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