two leopards sleeping in the darkness of night
Story time at the Mentawai tribal home
A warrior does a high jump at the war games in Nias,Indonesia
The Mentawai tribe at the Kulukubuk waterfall at an Indonesian Island
Critically endangered Tokin Snub Nosed Monkey
A Lioness looks out at the Savannah
Portrait of a Mentawai Tribesman smoking
A Mentawai trisman cutting a wedge in a tree
A Masai Tribesman sitting under a tree
Women and children of the Sans tribe in Namibia
A Ladakhi Gentleman sitting inside a roadside restaurant
A Mountain Village man carries hay down the hill
Leh Palace shot from a mountain across at Sunset
The Little girl holds up some money at her fathers shop window
A girl enjoying the day at a remote village with a friend
The colors of Pangong Tso with mountains creating natural art.
A lady selling fish on Market day at Bukittingi
A Man waits for Job work early morning at Bukittingi
All stretched out during a bull race in Sumatra
A Parakeet sitting on a tap waiting for the next drop of water
Polar bear comes out of a water hole at Ranua, Finland
Monks at the Fire Blessing Ceremony in Bhutan
The Masia returning home after collecting fuel wood

Ranjan Ramchandani's Photos on the Map

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