People work on the effigy of a Ravana's face which would go up in f...
Fishermen s' net lay spread on the beach in the morning.
Young potters share a light moment outside a potter's studio.
A young boy wearing his favorite sunglass.
A young balloon selling girl at Chowpatty beach.
Tribal women return home after bath.
A naga (naked) sadhu blesses a little kid.
An old tribal lady carries firewood.
Thistles glow under warm light of he setting sun.
A cattle ibis flicks out its tongue as it rests on the branch of a ...
A frog floats on the stagnant water of river Subarnarekha.
A tiny grasshopper perches on a the stem of a withered flower.
Three insects huddle together on a creeper plant.
Tribal women ferry illegally fallen firewood.
A youing tribal girl walks with her brother on the dry riverbed of ...
A young boy sells color balloons on the beach.
A pond catches the reflections of Kolkata buildings.

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