Perfectly and naturally arranged dried leaves by the road.
Rickshaw riders on the Old Delhi streets.
Early morning sights, street dogs still sleeping in peace
Lady feeding some invisible fish at Jal mahal (Water Palace), Jaipur.
Conversations on Agra streets
A scooter parked in the middle of the fields
A cook looking through frosted glass.
A busy street in Old Delhi with a mosque in the midst of chaos.
Early morning sights in Old Delhi, the man hung his washed clothes ...
Kids boating in the River tungabhadra
Yoga man meditating on the beach (Goa)
Children walking along The Taj Mahal's backyard. The river yamuna f...
A local band man playing in Agra streets
A man praying along at Jama masjid, Delhi
Curvy roads leading to the Pink city, Jaipur
Woman picking shoes for her son probably
View through the window of Hawa mahal, Jaipur.
The orderly ducks marching to the farm.
Three men engaged in different activities at the same place.

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