People are travelling roof on the bus due to no room inside the bus...
A couple are enjoying at Tulip garden.
People are plucking tea leaf on the lake side.
A Lady Working on the beach before the strorm.
Three People are Fishing on the lake at night.
Two Swans are looking Moon at the evening.
A Man Is Hanging From A Street Lamppost.
Two Friends Are Enjoying A Fine Morning On The Seaside.
Rajasthan people are music on the sand dunes for their desert festi...
Children are bathing on the river.
People are dancing on the Sand dunes in a desert festival.
People are dancing on the Sand dunes for Desert Festival.
An old couple are returning home by a local train.
Two Swans are enjoying moonlighted environment.
A man waiting for the visitors on sand dunes in the early morning.
Children are laughing on the Van Rickshaw.
A disabled man watching his painting.
Children are dancing with the music in a kumbha festival.
A remote village on the top of the Hill.
People are crossing the busy road for going to Gangasagar festival.
People are boating on the pond behind the Tajmahal.
A Visitor is handshaking with a street dog on behind the Tajmahal.

Partha Sarathi Sarkar's Photos on the Map

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