Leopards mating that we happened to find on safari.
"Dust Over Samburu" The sun sets over Samburu as the dust kicks up.
"Life on the Savannah" A zebra watches closely as we pass.
"Heat Wave" The sun comes up over the Masai Mara.
Lone Cannon in the Peach Orchard at Shiloh National Battlefield Par...
"Scanning the Horizon" A lion looks over his territory.
"Eyes Into the Soul" A lioness stares me down as I take her picture.
"Roaring Canyon" The lower falls at the grand canyon of Yellowstone.
A crocodile resting on the banks of the Mara River.
"The Path to Enlightenment" The Colorado River flows through the Gr...
A lilac-breasted roller perched on a dead tree.
"Tennessee Autumn" View of a lake along a hiking trail.

Pamela Peters's Photos on the Map

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