Maasai girl in the heart of Ngorongoro crater - May 2009
Serengeti Tanzania Africa - May 2009
Boy or Man? Receding hair, rottn teeth filth and yet somber.
Hadzabe Tribe (Bushmen) in their cave preparing to take us on a hun...
Lazy Lion in the Serengeti - all fat and happy
"getting to know you...getting to know all about you" had a wonder...
"Pam Bird" pretty nut over the top
\"You are beautiful in every single way\" Maasai girl in Ngorongor...
Dinner!! Leopard with wildebeest kill
View from out tent in the Serengeti
Datoga tribe boy - Lake Eyasi Tanzania
"A little lower please" Lion in the Serengeti looks as if he's in ...
typical transportation Xi'an China

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