Sunset by the river Hudson on a cold winter day.
Going to the observation deck at the Rock.
Three chicks on a nest cry out to be feed.
The leafs of a "berode" spread from the center covered in drops aft...
After the rain a few drops rest as diamond pearls on a leaf.
Heavy weather on the northern coast of Tenerife
A pagoda breaks the horizontal monotony of the valley.
Dancer perform at a reception in Kunming.
The pools at the Alhambra become mirrors in which the facades are r...
A young man plays the guitar on a small square close to the Cordoba...
The white stone of the statue is highlighted by the Autumn leaves.
A lonely man contemplates the forest.
A wave swallows a rock as it approaches the coast.
The flowering "tajinastes" rise in the dry badlands by the side of ...
On a hike to the Pico Viejo volcano.
On a quiet afternoon at the beach.
A view of the Eiffel Tower while crossing the Alexandre III bridge.
The sun set in Granada painting the sky and the Alhambra.
A view of people viewing the Manhattan skyline.
Picture taken from a small square in Cordoba.
The Foucault pendulum at Panthon.
A gargoyle watches over the cityscape of Paris.
Life is always better when we laugh.
Portrait of a woman of the Va ethnic group.
A group of children get together after school.
Three school children and their particular reactions towards the ob...
A woman farmer with his son in a small town in the Yunnan province,...
The man and his granddaughter spend time at the market.
A farmer at a small Chinese town market.

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