Golden rays gliding silently by in the Galapagos mangroves
A shoeshine man waiting for some shoes to shine.
An aerial view of the famous Torres del Paine towers in Chilean Pat...
The famous Chilean Patagonian Araucaria tree and Volcan Villarrica ...
An antarctic iceberg, up close and personal
A gentoo penguin splashing around in a melstream on the Antarctic P...
5000m up, on the Chilean altiplano near the Argentine border lies L...
The beautifully aesthetic ice sculptures of Antarctica
A roadside craftsman demonstrating his musical wares in Cafayate, A...
A feathered headdress on this Peruvian celebrating the Virgin del C...
An innocent Galapagos fur seal pup juxtaposed with the big old boot...
Woman making bread in the High Atlas Mountains, Morocco
Girl in headscarf in Stone Town Zanzibar
Humpback whales crossing in Antarctica.
Man making break in bread kitchen, Stone Town, Zanzibar.
Boy greeting a friend on bicycle in Stone Town Zanzibar
Solitary gentoo penguin in Antarctic landscape.
Man praying with prayer beads outside Buddhist Temple in Bhutan
Tanzania Masai Warrior Jumping
Sunset at Wat Arun, Bangkok
Busy road in Chinatown, Bangkok
Happy Gentoo penguin in the rain
Dhow fishermen return from the catch in Zanzibar
Puffins on the Farne Islands
Weather-beaten Antarctic iceberg
Ice Fields Glacier San Rafael Chilean Patagonia
Shoeshine men on a break in Stone Town Zanzibar, Tanzania.
Humpback whale fluke Antarctica
Serengeti sunrise behind Acacia tree.
Girl running in Stone Town streets smiling
Girl smiling in Stone Town Harbour, Zanzibar.
Floating by an Antarctic Iceberg
Girl smiling in Stone Town Harbour, Zanzibar.
The girl who played with flour
Male lion on the savannah in Tanzania's Seregeti.

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