A happy couple--morphing into one person
A new meaning to the term "penetrating stare"
Bees swarming a honeycomb box insert
Honey bees going about their daily business entering and leaving th...
The coveted rays of light are only visible minutes a day... so catc...
A man enjoying the panoramic view of the Columbia River Gorge from ...
Stonehenge in all its original glory---reincarnated.
Abandoned house in the wake of the housing market crash.
The journey to the bottom... as beautiful as the way up.
A pine tree defiantly growing on a canyon ridge.
The beauty of the wast simplified and beautified
teenage boys in their natural habitats
Child street performer in a dangerous part of town--
Our realities are made up of everything we percieve--
wandering the back streets of Venice
In a world so intensly commercialized, what lies in wait as the fut...
The nature of the future as commercialization takes over.
Destination: top of the world and the heavenly observatories
All the natural stages of honey making-- forming the honey comb, de...
The beauty of dead winter flowers
Wandering through the winding alleys of Venice

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