Slow pan of cheetah racing over grassland
Slow pan of cheetah racing beside truck
Sally Lightfoot crab perched on brown rock
Mono close-up of half African elephant head
Lilac-breasted roller lands on branch carrying grasshopper
Leopard looks up from perch in tree
Leopard falling asleep on branch of tree
Leopard lies on branch looking for prey
King penguin stepping over rock by another
Close-up of Grévy's zebra head in mono
Cheetah cub lying in pipe with another
Cheetah chasing Thomson gazelle among whistling thorns
Blue wildebeest silhouetted against sunset on horizon
Blue wildebeest silhouetted against sun on horizon
Bengal tiger lying in shadowy water hole
Elephant giving itself dust bath on hillside
Adelie penguin jumping between two ice floes
Brown bear lying relaxed on rocky outcrop
Malachite kingfisher on dead branch facing camera
King penguin stepping over rock with another
Three king penguins crossing beach to ocean
Juvenile dolphin gull walks on sandy beach
Marine iguana among roots staring at camera
Bengal tiger with catchlight in water hole
Close-up of giraffe silhouetted against black background
Close-up of Chilean flamingo head in mono

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