A smoky haze near Lizzie Lake above Pemberton, BC.
A kayaker tackles the waterfalls of Rogers Creek in British Columbia.
The San Rafael River flowing through Utah's "Little Grand Canyon."
Sunrise over the Colorado River at Lee's Ferry, Arizona.
The narrowest section of river in the Grand Canyon.
A kayaker at the confluence of Havasu Creek and the Colorado River.
A photographer shoots a waterfall in Iceland
Running the "Hardergrat" ridge trail above Interlaken, Switzerland.
Climbing Beehive Arch in Canyonlands National Park
The canyon walls above Ledges Camp on the Colorado River.
A butterfly in the Grand Canyon.
Paddling through the Middlebury Gorge in Vermont.
Anthony Yap surfing the "Minibus" wave on the Ottawa River.
Paddling the Rio Nevado outside Pucon, Chile.
Looking at the mountains on the Yukon / NWT border in the reflectio...
Preparing to race his younger brother down the street.

Nicholas Gottlieb's Photos on the Map

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