An urban scene dotted with yellow taxis.
An enchanting view of the dark waters of Gloucester. Hammond Castle
Mirrors on the Water at Longfellow's Wayside Inn Grist Mill.
Canon at Fort Adams overlooking the waters of Rhode Island.
A pelican glides along the waters of Sanibel Island, Florida.
Beautiful decorated street in Quebec Canada on Christmas Eve.
An alligator roams in the murky waters of the Everglades.
A thinly structured lighthouse stands behind a golden orange bush.
This lonely lighthouse stands tall and points to the heavens.
The Old and The New. The Old State House in Boston stands strong a...
Hammond Castle. Somber view of the stormy ocean.
Flowering Willow in the Breeze in Boston Commons.
Grist Mill dusted with a light coat of pure snow.
Busy New York City Streets from Above at Sunset.
Bustling Grand Central Station. The warm glow illuminated the spaci...
Doorway to the garden at Longfellow's Wayside Inn.
Memorial site of the 2013 Boston Bombings. Quiet and sorrowful visi...
Memorial Site of the 2013 Boston Bombings. Quiet and sorrowful visi...

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