Treetops changing colors in the Scottish highlands
Eilean Donan castle against Loch Duich in Scotland.
The entrance of Earlshall Castle gardens in Fife, Scotland.
Highland cow grazing on the grounds of Earlshall Castle.
On the streets of Rome in a shopping frenzy
A waterfall in the Scottish highlands.
City of Edinburgh and Arthur's Seat from the viewpoint of Edinburgh...
Standing on a bridge over Dochart Falls in Scottish highlands.
A cold fall day at Glen Coe in Scotland.
View of Edinburgh Castle during peak Fall season.
Standing on the cliffs of the Isle of Sky in Scotland.
Misty road leading to Glen Coe in the Scottish western highlands.
Highland cows grazing on the lawn of Earlshall Castle.
Sheep grazing in the afternoon on the Isle of Sky.
Dochart Falls in the Scottish highlands.
The Tiber River in Rome viewed from a bridge.
Scottish loch in the highlands at dusk
Overlooking Eilean Donan castle against Loch Duich

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