(Hello Good Day) A little boy is looking through the borken TV
In the hot summer season, the agricultural lands of southern region...
Mother and child is walking in the hill-task area.
An ancient banyan tree about 300 years aged at Vattapur village in ...
little boys are playing cricket at intellectual monument in Banglad...
A boy is drawing in the blackboard at Lama, Banderban Chittagong.
A woman is coming down from the train with great risk due to heavy ...
The nearest river of Sundarban has become fill up by silts. So that...
grass-hopper is seating on the bamboo stick.
"Big fishes" in the market of fisheri Ghat, Chittagong.
A man is working in the yard. Salt mainly produce by solar evaporat...
A Beautiful Butterfly flying on the flowers and enjoying her food.
A Muslim woman is looking at Minar of Holly Mosque.
A fisher man is catching fish in the flood effected area.
A Girl is working in the dry fish yard
A boy is taking photograph of his friend in the beach.
A Rural boy is waiting for food at the flood effected area.
A salt worker is working at salt field yard in Chittagong, Bangladesh
Children pour colored water on a woman during celebrations of Holi,...
Women are working in the pottery village of Khulna.
A girl is working at dry fish yard at chittagong, Bangladesh.
A boy is drawing picture at blackboard at lama Bangladesh.
Khadiza aged 11 who is working in the dry fish yard. She is studyin...
Boys are playing football in the muddy field.
Flower sellers are selling their flower at Ramna park, Dhaka.

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