A girl is lying on the car.
The monks were praying for new car to avoid the dangers and ghosts.
They were take relaxing in Yangon,Myanmar.
Let us peace,Leave the guns.
A watermelon seller girl.
They were the daughters of Buddha,Talking the four truth of Buddha.
The daughters of Buddha.
A big sister and her brother were standing at the window.
The bamboo dance of Chin tribes of Myanmar.
The monks and novice were accepting the donated food from Buddha`s...
The famous SHWEDAGON pagoda of Myanmar.The pagoda completely covere...
They were going to accept the donated food from Buddish peoples.
The farmers were standing in the rain to do their works after the r...
A Myanmar traditional food seller is standing on the road for sell ...
Between the Chin mountain ranges of Myanmar.
Beginning the night of Yangon,Myanmar.
The beauty of Chin state,Myanmar.
The sunset of Chaung That beach,Myanmar.
Nagis Cyclone refugees of Myanmar.
The ballons festival of Myanmar.
The ballons festival of Myanmar.
This photo showed the Chin tribe of Myanmar`s dancing with bamboos ...
Chaung Thar beach sunset,MYANMAR.
A goose is playing with the food.
The sand art on the beach drawing by the tide and waves.

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