The perfect poster for the term "rolling hills of Kentucky"
These deer were fearless the way they approached me, during hunting...
A replica of one of Christopher Columbus' ships on the Ohio River.
Driving along a gravel road that ran parallel to the Ohio River in ...
A World War 2 re-enactor at a western KY airshow.
A skydiver with the POW flag at a western KY airshow.
A view of Rockport, IN from across the Ohio River in KY.
Backyard brush fire on a cool November evening.
A gorgeous driveway bordered with trees at sunset.
The shipping lanes of the Ohio River.
Sunset along the Ohio River in western KY.
Lightning across the Ohio River in southern IN as seen from western...
The moon at sunset in early November in western KY.
An early morning lightning strike in western KY.
An anvil crawling lightning shot in western KY.
An old Chevy truck that has no idea what color it wants to be.
A farmer bringing in the crops as the sun sets in western KY.
Cruising the back roads during harvest season in western KY.
The Natcher Bridge as seen from Daviess County, KY.
Sunset in western KY, across the Ohio River from a coal burning pow...
A rotating wall cloud over a farm in western KY.
Light snow along a local railroad crossing.
A picturesque scene in the middle of a small town.
A solitary log in the flood waters along the Ohio River.

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