The size of baby hummingbirds only a day old. They grew to adults ...
Children playing at the water's edge, searching for shells.
Rolling down a grassy hill in early spring.
Weathered treasures from yesterday sit next to an old building.
Weathered treasures from yesterday next to an old building.
We love our weird and wonderful roadside attractions.
The crazy, exciting, tilting world of the County Fair.
Andy and Emily feeding bread to the ducks in a park.
Mom feeding her baby hummingbird the day after he left the nest.
Emily in a pensive mood, while hidden in her leafy fort.
A surfer stands at the waves edge deep in thought.
School children perform traditional dances in the town square.
A narrow street in Cartagena, Colombia.
A man in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, painting scenes on tiles using on...
On warm Florida evenings, ordinary people proudly take their classi...
The sheer joy of swinging on a warm fall evening fills my granddaug...
Old Florida house sheltered by oak trees and swaying Spanish moss.
A 17th century canon takes aim at modern Cartagena, Colombia.
Daily life and conversation on the streets of Acapulco, Mexico.
Baby hummingbirds only hours old, together they weigh less than a d...
After a happy day in the park, Daddy carries his tired children home.
A Florida alligator lies in wait in the swampy water, silently watc...
A glass of wine and ocean breezes at sunset.
Early morning dew on an almost invisible spider web.

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