The beauty of nature really shows in this peaceful cascade pool.
The city courthouse and the odd sculptures in front of it.
A Blue Heron takes flight over the frozen Smith Mountain Lake.
The Iron Oxide in the dirt around Lake Thunderbird makes for beauti...
A symbol of wealth and profits rising above all the other buildings...
It is sad that the landscape of America is littered with abandoned ...
An old U.S. Government clock from a decommissioned Naval vessel.
A large church in southwest VA engulfs an entire city block.
Three Ravens in a dead tree against a cloudy backdrop. Always an e...
The beautiful cascade falls in Pembroke, VA.
The new face of urban America in the face of a worldwide recession.
Classic American style in an urban parking garage.
A cruise through an American railroad town, in an iconic American c...
There was a little lightning storm above the city tonight, so I tri...
An old wind up clock from a decommissioned Navy submarine.
An old wind up clock from a decommissioned US submarine.
A large Blue Heron is perched atop a pier at Smith Mountain Lake.
Many times when I pass an interesting door, I wonder what lies behi...
A father and daughter play on a cold November morning in the Great ...
Clean water carves its way through the earth.
The Roanoke City Courthouse is a very striking grey building.
Drag racing and classic cars are a big part of American history.
Half a building in Welch, West Virginia, a once booming coal town.
The very top of a ramp going down a multi-level parking garage.
An abandoned steam locomotive in Roanoke, VA.
The beauty of nature at daybreak.
Otter Creek Dam in the morning.
The bright colors bring a bit of vibrance to a very historic Americ...

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