A light representation of our busy world.
The scary walk into infinity under the bridge.
The entry to and exit from the mysteries of the underground.
Glorious summer sunset over Whidbey Island
The bridge watches as the sun goes down on another day
Magnificent red sunset over Whidbey island.
Getting that perfect shot at the Grand Canyon
A cruise ship on a bright summer's day - Perfect !
Here and there, becoming a part of your travels.
Making sure you have 'safe' travels.
A storm is brewing over the diving site.
This jetty has many stories to tell about life at the ocean.
A bull tries to avoid being roped at the rodeo.
Enjoying the sunset everyday on his island.
A golden sunrise holds the promise of travels to exotic locales.
Son enjoying the sunset with mother on their island.
Flying into an unknown sunrise
Mystical figures help make your travels go smoothly.

Michael Hare's Photos on the Map

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