Sitting idly on the CTA Red Line Train in Chicago, gazing out the w...
Young couple laugh together on roof in Rabat, Morocco
Camels in front of Mediterranean Sea in Tangier, Morocco
Children walking through alley in Rabat, Morocco
People from different backgrounds watching the sunset at the Grand ...
The truth shall set you free. Me posing with truth in hand, color f...
Potter shopkeeper walk towards me in Fez, Morocco
Climbing a mountain in Xia'he, Tibet, China
Soukayna Mosque in Rabat, Morocco
Laughing Children in Linxia Great Mosque
Sunset at Karakul Lake, lake darkening as mountains brighten before...
Worker in Fez, Morocco making leather
Buddhist monks gather for prayer in Tibet
Lone explorer climbing sand dune back to the group in the Taklamaka...
The famous Sand Mountains in China besides Karakul Lake
Man praying in the Id Kah Outdoor Mosque in Kashgar, China
View from the Bell Tower in Xi'an, China
Lone explorer wanders through the Taklamakan Desert Sand Dunes
Fabric Shopkeeper at Kashgar Grand Bazaar
Cave on the coast of the Mediterranean Sea in Tangier, Morocco
Young girl awaits father in home in Kashgar, China
Watching Fireworks in grassland in Tibet
Camels rest at the Buddha Caves in Turpan, China

Meriam Ben Hadj Tahar's Photos on the Map

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