Collage of flower photos taken over a two-month time while on a roa...
Running through the apple orchard.
Fireweed in bloom on the shores of Kenai Lake
The shadow of the Gateway Arch reflected over Saint Louis.
Iconic Walt Disney World's Cinderella castle at night, reflected in...
The hands of the soldiers of the Iwo Jima Memorial reach for the flag.
My sister and her nephew enjoying a snack in the apple orchard.
Panoramic view of the mountains along the Turnagain Arm
Young grizzly bear foraging for his lunch.
Stone sheep licking the surface of the Alaska Highway
Harbor seal at the Alaska Sea Life Center
My friend marveling at the height of the redwood trees.
Spider waiting patiently in its web
Two lovebirds enjoying the end-of-the-day view of Mt. Hood rising o...
The American flag at Eielson Visitor's Center in Denali National Pa...
Old Faithful exploding at Yellowstone National Park.
The spires of the Russian Orthodox church in Ninilchik, Alaska

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