Best Friends watching the sun set over the Serengeti
Nigerian/American/Christian/Woman/Singer/Chemistry Major...
an american girl volunteering at a festival
a maasai warrior contemplating life
a maasai warrior on the pavement road, traveling
a maasai girl, getting ready for marriage
a "treehouse" in the middle of the savanna
Maasai girl's celebration into womanhood
a dancer dancing to a different beat than everyone else
visiting a crater made from a collapsed volcano
Debutante of the Maasai Tribe
a young girl visiting her mother's hut
Small Maasai child, never saw a foreigner before
a women's shoes left in the grass
a crater created by a collapsed volcano
Dancing to her own beat, the dancing queen reigns
taken outside a Maasai village
waterfalls in the cliffs of Lake Natron
a sign outside a school in Tanzania
classroom in a village in the mountains
an unfinished classroom in the mountains of Tanzania
a city of tents nestled in a rainforest
Maasai woman selling her wares
two young American women, gazing at an unfinished school in Tanzania
soccer tournament for children
Maasai chief seeing a camera for the first time
Itchy Elephant seeking respite from the heat
young Maasai girl cleaning her feet after a long trek to the pond f...
Maasai girls swaying to the music in Tanzania
young girl in the Maasai boma dressed for a night of dancing
Maasai woman preparing her daughter for the Esoto ceremony in Maasa...
Waterfalls, bathtub, swimming pool
Clouds spilling into the volcanic crater
Young girl preparing for her weekly bath
Africa: school remains unfinished for years

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