Guys dancing at Warped Tour on a summer day.
Two kids at my cousin's birthday party saying goodbye on a moonbounce.
My cat Charles on the couch during our pumkin carving party.
Plane wrote in the air at the beach and a bird flew by.
Palmtrees during the sunset on a beach trip during with my friends.
Tree in my backyard that was in three different stages.
A big fountain that gives watershows at the Americana.
An unoccupied house a few doors down from mine which hasn't been ra...
Stop to play in the snow on the way to Jerome, Arizona with my cous...
Looking at a napkin holder in the shape of a house through an old c...
Visiting Jerome's Fire Department with my cousin and grandma.
My friend at the park on the phone on a summer day.
Potato sac race at a picnic.
Boy in the air at the skate park in Huntington beach.
Elder couple who fell asleep at the airport waiting for their flight.

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