On fatherday I took my granddaught to see her father I went to a ga...
A church in Madrid Spain
walking up the beach near Folley beach at sun rise
Market in Barcilon Spain
While walking in Barcilon spain
Michigan light house a cottage near it
Puzzle peaces setup I use Picture Puty in ilustions
Masks I went to Ilusions and Played with the photo that I set up at...
My Dad and granddught near Iowa City Ia
My 2 granddaught just after she was born
This and That It blue things + extra blue lighting
set up in my home Montezuma Ia I used a blue light for extra light ...
drive down a road of a Farm and pond in WI
Takeing photo of my granddaught.I dress Her up a little and added M...
At West Branch Ia, 150 aniversry, the Black smith shop that was own...
I took this of my Dad and granddaught in a shead on the farm
a little boy what to get on amtrack
I went to a horse sale in amish town
I was taking somthing to my Parants law office
I was driven around and found this john deer setting along road
My sister was learning to drive the T we went to the corn field to ...

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