A Boy is collecting the waste materials from the garbage and hard w...
The river of Sundarban has become fill up by silts. There is no dre...
Various type of sheep's in the market.
Two boats are standing in the karnafully river
An old man recycle the metal.
Orphans are prepared to eating Ifter in the orphanage.
Peoples are Working at Ship breaking yard.
A butcher is working in the Butchery house.
In the Akeri Juma Muslims are prayers in the Jamiatul Falah mosque.
A Man is working in the ship breaking yard at Chittagong.
Peoples are working at ship breaking yard in Chittagong, Bangladesh
A rural boy is standing with inquisitive look.
woman are visiting an exhibition with her twin baby at chittagong, ...
A baby is sleeping on the Van.
Boys and Girls are playing in the water festival.
Shohagi (a little girl) is collecting the waste materials from the ...
A large number of People are prayer in Chittagong.
A little girl is collecting the material from the garbage yard.
A woman is working in the Art gallery at "HATKHOLA" in chittagong, ...
"HOLY" is the biggest festival in the Hindu religious. Lower castle...
A girl is working in the salt yard
An Old Leprosy is looking for help.
People are washing the radish in the river side.
Mother and her twin children visit a Photo Exhibition.
Peoples are collecting their waste material from the garbage yard.

Md. Ibrahim's Photos on the Map

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