Dong women singing in Zengchong.
performers during Sichuan opera, the piece was from the Three Kingd...
A fire-breather during a Sichuan opera performance.
Sutra printing tablets in Dege, Sichuan.
A man selling and smoking tobacco products in Chengdu.
A Miao/Hmong girl dressed in traditional clothing for a winter fest...
A guardian of the Buddha in a temple
A women entering a house.
A mask from a three day Buddhist festival in Western Sichuan
A Tibetan Buddhism student peeks from under his cloak to look at me.
A beautiful day inside the palace complex in Seoul.
A group of people eat at a BBQ stand in HeTian, Xinjiang
A group of men gather for lunch while at the animal bazaar in Kashi.
A woman locks her house before heading out.
A young lama covered by a cloak.
An old Tibetan woman spinning prayer wheels.
A young lama walks in front of a temple in Gansu province.
Tibetans looking through religious images.
A Tibetan Pilgrim circling the temple in Tagong.
An older man at the animal bazaar in Kashgar talking to younger men.
A back alley in Zhaoxing village
A Miao/hmong man playing a lusheng during the lusheng festival.
A run down general store close to the Old Natchez Trace.
A farmer and WWII veteran looking deeply at his livestock.

Mathew Severance's Photos on the Map

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