Climbed highest mountain in Akita, Japan and it was worth it
Self portrait in Marrakech old Bazaar
Japanese Simplicity, sand sculpture in Ginkakuji Temple
Lamp shop in old market in Marrakech
One just disappeared, the other one keeps waiting
Onsen Monkeys enjoying a nice spring day in their hot spring
The little kitten waiting for her mom to feed her
Bride of the sea in the Osaka Aquarium
A deer wandering in Nara city
My grandmother with Dementia is as happy as a child with her red ba...
The Girl in Color looking up through the alley
Standing against the Osaka Castle
The Girl in Color looking out the window
and old blind man was singing in the old market place of Marrakech,...
Wandering in the streets of Casablanca, I came across this little g...

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