A very small church on the hillside of the dolomite mountains in It...
A fawn days after birth staying low to avoid predators.
At sunset, a Texas longhorn bull on the horizong in a standoff with...
Cows enjoying a slower life in the Dolomite mountains of Italy.
A single lightning strike over a mountain top cross.
A Geminids meteor fireball over the Llano River in Mason, Texas.
A small church in the dolomite mountains of Italy.
A young girl at dusk making the most of this day.
Texas longhorn bull enjoying the warmth of the setting sun.
A helicopter shooting the gap between the mountains.
A young Texas boy riding with big dreams of becomming a cowboy.
An ocean fisherman launching his bait of several crabs at sunset.
A teenage girl looking out a plane window.
Lunar Eclipse Seen Over The Texas State Capitol Building in Austin.
A single frame of spectators watching fireworks from a bridge in Au...
A total lunar eclipse with the Goddess of Liberty.
A lightning bolt blasts from the sky during a spring storm in the T...
Multiple lightning bolts eminate from St. Michael's church tower.
This is a reflection of a dove hunter standing at a stock tank.
A young boy wanting to explore the brush country beyond the fence.

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