Alaska salmon carcasses lying on the bottom of the Moose River
Churches and rooftops of Guanajuato, Mexico, taken from the hilltop
People on the train marveling at the autumn colors
Old truck discovered in the woods close to my house in Alaska
Detail of decor on historical building in Leadville, Colorado
Reflection of mountain and golden aspens near Leadville, CO
Family wading into Jaltemba Bay after kayaking
Ingenious way to move the boat from the ocean to the river
Variety of Agave plant in front of Casa de Ensueos
Becky agate hunting on North Road Beach
Royal Poinciana, gorgeous red tree
Families and friends enjoying the beach
Alaska lake with lily pads and mountain reflection
Brilliantly colored tiled mirrors, ceramic sinks, and other pottery...
Dominic and Denise kayaking on Banderas Bay, Bucerias, Mexico

Marilyn Albright's Photos on the Map

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