Sunset by the beach on Zakynthos island in Greece
Small port on Ionian sea where colors unite in one
Eclipse of the sun at the natural observatory in Macedonia
Panoramic view of the Ionian sea on a sunbed
Rare white flower that grows by the Ionian sea
Boys playing on a beach while the sun goes down
Trees reflections in a small lake in the city park
Boats sailing on sunset on the deepest lake on the Balkan peninsula
Autumn colors on a tree in my yard
Gypsy boys waiting for their mother
Gypsy family waiting for packages with food and clothes
Four ducks in a row going for a swim in the lake
Autumn colors and reflections on a small lake in Macedonia
True sunset colour in a small village by the sea
Gypsy boy carring washed clothes for his family.
Gypsy boy is wondering how to make life more easier for him and his...
Street life after dark in a small village

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