Rocky rapids breaking through the Savannah river water.
Bridge over the MIssouri river, as seen from a walking trail.
An interested rooster at the Aurum Farm in Virginia.
My friend and I riding bikes through the Virginia countryside.
My friend wearing a flower headband.
The sign for Aurum Farms in Virginia.
Colorful sunset and view of the city, Union, Mo.
Frog sculptures enjoying a waterfall at the Botanical Gardens, in A...
Colin being carted away, quite happily, by a man in a wrestling mask.
Driving through the misty mountains in Tennessee.
Tom feeding the geese at Lake Carroll.
Abandoned, boarded up building in downtown Augusta, Ga.
Driving into the misty clouds in Tennessee.
The bridge and resting place along the boardwalk at the swamp.
Downtown St. Louis as captured driving into the city.
Vintage parking lot sign in downtown Augusta, Ga.
Fog settled into the trees outside the house.
Leaves sitting in a pool of water, which is reflecting the trees si...
Walking on a path through the woods on a beautiful fall day with my...
Mossy trees basking in the soft, fall, afternoon light at the swamp.
Lone tree hanging over a small lakeside beach.
Good example of perspective, walking along a path at Phinezy swamp ...
Graffiti sprayed on an abandoned building whose door warns to keep ...
Factory viewed through a tree, with it's reflection meeting it in t...
Looking down the bridge, sunlight shining, at Phinezy Swamp.
Plant life in front of the camera, and reflected in water.

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