A hillside village north of Antananarivo, Madagascar
Two storms are about to hit Ambositra...in hours a hurricane and in...
The deserted diamond mining town of Kolmannskop, Namibia, slowly be...
The Namib desert reclaims the Town of Kolmannskop
Children perform a culturally inspired dance at Nanghonda Junior Sc...
The Queen of Ovakwanyama, Martha Mwadinomho Kristian Nelumbu
Namibian School Children in the Northern Communal Territories
A tug boat pulling into the Victoria and Alfred Harbor at sunrise
Father walking with Son on a Sunday Afternoon in Paris
A crowned lemur pokes his head through the fence to check out the p...
Zebras resting on a hot day in Etosha National Park, Namibia
Vernal Falls and Rainbow in the Fall, Yosemite, National Park
The alpha Cape Buffalo coming out to protect the herd.
Father taking children to school in the Bamako Mali morning commute
Hanging on while traveling between towns in Eastern Mali
Quinn, my son, finds a friend in a wine cork during a winery tasting.
The daily grind of a commute in the developing world, Bamako, Mali
Walking in the Jardin de Luxembourg, Paris
Boy stands indignantly in the leave for his portrait
Sands reclaiming the the desert mining town of Kolmannskop, Namibia

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