Waiting for the train in Aytos, Bulgaria
Mother horse with baby - Koprivshtitsa, Bulgaria
A man sits in contemplation in front of the Rila Monastery, Bulgaria
A calf grazes, camouflaged among the sunflower plants
A man dwarfed by one of the UC Berkeley campus buildings
A water lily protrudes above the surface of the water
Wooden cart and window on old building - Suomenlinna Island, Finland
The Fog of Socialism - apartment buildings in Sevlievo on a rainy s...
Boy playing soccer inside the Hagia Sophia Church, Nesebar, Bulgaria
Bystanders admiring the USS Pampanito, decorated for Fleet Week 2013
A view from the window of the Burgas-Aytos train
A water fountain and American flag in a former barrack building at...
Humpback whale breaching off the coast of Monterey Bay #1
Humpback whale breaching off the coast of Monterey Bay #2
Humpback whale breaching off the coast of Monterey Bay #3
An old communist party poster sits torn in an abandoned factory - D...
Access Denied - an abandoned building behind barbed wire in San Jos...
Petals of Osteospermum barberiae (Hardy African Daisy)
A leaf clings to the window in the middle of a rain storm
A pathway to the East - a view over the edge of the Pacific Ocean
An abandoned warehouse at the site of the former Alameda Naval Air ...
A view over the Troyan Pass in the Balkan Mountains - Bulgaria
Cannery workers' clothes - Cannery Row, Monterey, California
Train tracks next to the abandoned old store building in Alviso, Ca...
Gypsy woman that works as a toilet cleaner in front of the public t...
Looking down from the top of the Willis Tower in Chicago
The remains of the former Alameda Naval Air Station
The inner courtyard of the Palmer House Hotel in Chicago at dusk
Grandma resting in the sunshine after working in the garden
Socialist-era apartment building in Sofia, Bulgaria situated agains...
Contemplating the fate of the former Kranostroene Factory in Aytos,...
Poppies Against The Stormy Sky - Aytos, Bulgaria
A small break in the storm in the hills above Aytos, Bulgaria
My uncle, digging up potatoes, at our village in Bulgaria.

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