Leaf Curve A study of the design characteristics in leaves.
Raindrops on leaves after the rain in Heath Lake Park
Amish buggy shares the road with an 18 wheel truck
Combing the cane syrup smooth, Syrup Sopping Festival
Providence Canyon Framed Nikon Coolpix 3200
Vintage reaper Canon A1200 Sunny, ISO50, 7.1mm, f3, 1/94
Reflecting clouds against the city government building
Exotic tree in the Horticultural Center at Callaway Gardens
Sugar cane grinding at the Syrup Sopping Festival
Mountain azaleas on Mountain Creek State Park
Stone well covering at the Hambidge Center in Rabin Gap, Georgia
Musician on the Grand Canyon Railroad
Watching a high school game of soccer
Is There an Elephant in George Eastman's house?
Sandy Monochrome at Gulf Shore, AL city beach and pier
Elephant trophy head in the solarium of the George Eastman House
Armistice Day Memorial Plaque to World War I veterans, Talaposa Cou...
Urban street scene, downtown Broadway
Book Seller independent book store in downtown Columbus, GA
Sparks Are Flying at the Blacksmith shop in the 1840's Westville Vi...
A small shrine to Mary in Old Town, Albuquerque, NM
Christmas 1840 re-enactment Westville Village
Sculpture and carving of Crazy Horse at Crazy Horse Monument
It is All Sand--City beach Gulf Shores, AL
Driving in Roosevelt State Park, Georgia
There is More to See in the Olmsted Garden
Blue & White at the Seashore
Checking the brakes after a run of 9 miles on the Strasburg Railroad
Soccer referee for a high school girl's recreational game
Wildlife educator training a red tail hawk
Compare the size of the train to the person PA Railroad Museum
From the entrance to the Ida Cason Memorial Chapel in Callaway Gardens
Bird of Pardise at the Horticultural Center in Callaway Gardens
Just Turn the Handle for a Refreshing Drink of Cool Water
Heron wading at the Discovery Center, Callaway Gardens
Horticultural Center, Callaway Gardens
Contrasting dimensions of the leaves in fall
Nutcracker soldier which is part of the Fantasy in Lights at Callaw...
Patterns among the fall leaves at Heath Lake Park

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