An unidentified spider spins its web
A Pink Queen Anne's Lace unfurls in the summer
A juvenile Grey Treefrog relaxes on a colorful lilypad.
A grey treefrog sits motionless on a lilypad.
This Humpback Whale beached itself in East Hampton Village in early...
This male Yellow Warbler calls out for a female in spring
A Harbor Seal tries to stay on a rock as a wave splashes over the top.
A Piping Plover scurries along the ocean beach
A hungry Gyrfalcon flies toward me before banking to the right at t...
A wayward Dovekie navigates a boat basin after being blown inland b...
A lone Red-breasted Merganser swims across the water draped in the ...
Two male Common Terns fight mid-air over a suitable nesting territory.

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