The monument in honor of the independentists of Central America
This tower if call Torre del Reformador, and is a gift gave from Pa...
A sunset over the Cordillera of volcanoes in Guatemala City.
A group of Guanacos eating at near the famous Ruta 40
A kayak sailor cross beneath Puente de la Mujer on a sunny Sunday
A 500 hundred people boat sails near a giant glaciar in Los Andes.
A boy watching the making of a Barrilete in the Day of the Death
White Garza between the manglares
A house on and small island in the middle of the Canal of Monterric...
This is a manglar sailor, the water is only 20 inches depth.
A wheel chair runner compiting in a marathon against well shaped ru...
Sunny day at El Caminito in el Barrio de la Boca

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