i was interest by the scene of the horse and the tractor.two way of...
a winter scene transformed i an old image
a compagnion (worker doing a initiatic voyage in europe)
an old man sharing his poor harvest
workers from the CFR national railway romanian system)taking care o...
a japanese monk is passing in front of a temple
while a spot tv , the figurants are waiting happily
in a park , the old pople are chating while abay is scrowling in th...
in a bad weather, the man and his dog are waiting
a worker in an old textile fabrick
a traditional event in a village of Romania
an elegant lady in the streets of Milano
a traditional event in the village of Talmacel Transylvania at the ...
Between the shops in the piazza San Marco Venezia
a traditional event en the village of sadu in transylvania beginnin...
in the town of Pisa , taking a rest witk a cup of coffee
a group of Gypsies going to the market place with their traditiona...
a poor old woman fighting against the rain
in a poor home of gypsy ethnic , far from the help of anyone

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