Entomologist describing invasive Asian Apple Snails to a field trip...
Kayaks for rent to state park visitors.
Returning home on the opening day of duck season.
Bison on the prairie looking for fresh a fresh grazing area.
Cypress tree stand at Lake Cascade in the Wakulla Water Basin
Saltwater marsh at St. Marks, estuaries and refuge for wildlife.
Young couple going fishing at the end of the work day.
Christmas lights for the community at Dorothy Oven City Park.
Last cast, fishing at St. George Island, Florida
Young girl lost in thought before July 4th community fireworks show.
Writing about the Gulf Coast environment during a writing workshop ...
Manatee looking for lunch cruising the warm waters of Wakulla Springs.
Photographer friends zooming in trying to capture a prize winner!
Pelicans and seagulls roosting at sunset on the Florida Gulf Coast.

Lou Kellenberger's Photos on the Map

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