Have you ever heard of a jousting grinch on horseback?
A beatifull California Poppy flower catching a last winter snow
Looking out a window of the old house, you are able to see soldiers...
Surrounded my beautifull lilac bushes in a light late winter snow w...
A wonderfull late snow for the California wild poppy flowers
Mountain lilac in a late winter snow
statue of missionary and boy with mission in back-Fra Junipero Serr...
Beautifull dept setting of Zion National Park, UT
Young golfer plotting a next swing of the golf club
Mother and daughter riding bikes thru Zion Nat'l Park in Utah.
Veterans Day Memorial of fallen local soldier and in honor of all v...
Wife curning butter for the men at the fort
Proud Dragoon Soldier on guard at the barracks.
The Christmas Grinch preparing for a sword fight.
people enjoying the scenic vapors from a geyser

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