A unique perspective of the Brooklyn Bridge and the Circle Line
How the French eat in downtown Nice, France
Reminds me of where is Waldo? game How many people can u find dres...
couple taking a stroll in the park
Why did the chicken cross the road?... Ans: Because they like to u...
Viewing the Eiffel Tower through my sunglasses
A plane flying through a heart shaped cloud creating the arror
A bride photoshoot in Eze France
baby swan just born few hrs ago. Welcome to the world little swan.
Baby swan just born hours before this picture was taken. Hello World.
Romance at the Eiffel Tower
This Photograph is the fourth of July fireworks celebration. It loo...
Capturing the lights when it sparkles every hr on the Eiffel Tower
Merry Go Round and the Eiffel Tower
on top of the world at haleakala crater in hawaii
reflection, fall, splash.....waterfall in beacon NY
yoga can bring peace of mind in a world around chaos
The scenery of rving cross the desert from a child's point of view
Caught a Photo Shoot at the Grand Canyon
The ultimate selfie at the Grand Canyon
peeking through the coves of Bermuda
freezing on top of the world of Haleakala crater in Hawaii
Bonding friendships in the beautiful Hawaiian landscape
locals relaxing on a bermuda rock
the golden sun peering thru the golden gate
wrapped in a towel on top of Halekeayla (Hawaii) crater
the crystal fantasy caves in Bermuda
The reflection pool capturing the reflection of the american flag f...
My son Thomas reaching for his Uncle Thomas at the reflection pool ...
ladder 10 engine 10 NYC . A memorial plaque depicting the actions ...
Reflection of the American flag in the Reflection Pool at 9/11 memo...
Oil leaking from the USS Arizona at Pearl Harbor..Say its the tears...
Dog Tags hanging from a fence in boston
A rose covered window in New Orleans French Quarter
Having fun under the Eiffel Tower on the Merry go Round
His Rugby shirt and handlebar mustache captures the Parisian art scene
afternoon break on the Siene River
How the French air out their laundry.

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