A Civil War-era cemetery at Fort Lincoln State Park, North Dakota.
Looking out from a tower in Casa Loma through a frosty window.
A man stops to contemplate the main square in Cusco, Peru.
The devout stop to pray at the Church of San Francisco, Lima.
A Cusquena with traditional braids walks down a street in Cusco, Peru.
Sign says "Please do not open window" looking out over the Grand Ca...
The sky above Flores, Guatemala (near the ruins of Tikal)
Coral and yellow roses at the Conservatory in winter
A cowboy at one of the many casinos in downtown Vegas
Outside the Luxor, the obelisk through the glass and the Sphinx as ...
A beautiful orange sunset on Lobster Lake, Minnesota
Wind Canyon is a lovely spot to hike in Theodore Roosevelt National...
The Little Missouri running through the Badlands of ND
Chihuly ceiling in the Bellagio, Las Vegas
The rebuilt highway 35E bridge at night, with an unsteady hand
Peaceful Lake Tahoe on a February morning

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