Ugandan woman carries wares to market.
A young girl carries bananas to market.
Bananas being transported to market by bicycle early in the morning.
Misty morning in the Virunga Mountains
A black-headed weaver bird entering his nest
Golden orb spider in Madagascar
Be careful when you sniff that plumeria!
Inquisitive cat looking for a meal
Lizard dreaming in Isalo, Madagascar
Clear morning mountain view at Ainsworth Bay
Spung tree in the afternoon light at Ta Prohm
Child attempting to launch a kite at Wat Hanchey.
Children wave as we float past on our way up the Mekong River.
Life on the Mekong River.
Pink spray off the waves during sunset in Cayucos
First view of Angkor Wat at twilight.
Driving through Canyonlands National Park
Driving through Canyonlands National Park
Golden orb spider over Antananarivo

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