An attraction moment of kitesurfing
two girl friend in An Giang province help together to learn in the ...
old Dao woman with old church in the evening
a smile of the small girl is joyfull
hot climate, less water, windy day and the children worry.
a hot-windy day, a couple of children is worry
This photo decribe a couple of Bulb speed up to the target
Old church with range of women monk give us a tranquility
two farmer prepare foe new crop
morning on Xuan Huong lake
old woman sell traditional clothes of H'Mong people
traditional dance on old tower
Small market in the village
At the Van Long pool, there're many rowboats to transfer visitors t...
Worker bring large pot made by clay in to the pottery-kiln
all 4 person in the family come back home across the sand dune
When the sunset, some of women come back home passing the sand dune
one of the five reject smoking
This old priest Champa was taken at the champa festival
Every sunday, the young girls and children like to meet each other ...
On the Mai Chau city of Viet Nam, every year, when season of the pl...
the sunrise on the salt field
The last priest praying in the champa memorial day
Old men are so happy to prepare with traditional words for traditio...
An old Priest Champa remember about the old tower
An 82 years old woman Champa
One of the traditional party in the wedding of the Thai'people in V...
drying fish on the seashore
sunrise on the Lam vien's highland
H'Mong young girl with new instruments

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