A delivery vehicle carries everything you need
A girl in silhouette at the window
A girl plays flute for her father as the sun sets
A meal is delivered by bicycle along Kyoto streets
A boat floats in the reflections of a stilt village
An elderly woman casts a shadow as she walks across the street
A signet returns to his pond after his inaugural flight
A sloth seems to smile as he hangs from a tree
Colorful puppet stage in Tainan, Taiwan
A working sheepdog on a working farm State Park in Auckland, New Ze...
Mannequins in Kota Kinabalu, Borneo, Malaysia
Friendly bulldog on the streets of Taipei, Taiwan
Semi-tame deer in Nara, Japan looking skeptical that I'm empty handed
Stone statues in a quiet corner of Nikko, Japan
Man stops in the commotion to make a silent prayer at a temple in T...
Girl playing in the town Nakamal in Port Vila, Vanuatu
Fish market worker in Kota Kinabalu, Borneo, Malaysia
Horseman on the beach at St. Kilda, Australia
Stopping by a bread shop for alms.
A bike delivery man rides through the streets of Kyoto in the geish...
Balinese woman walking along the beach at twilight.
Oyster catcher flies at an intruder to protect his nest
An aerial view of the Northern Territory
A basket delivery gets help from a passing cyclist
A temple priest is hidden by incense smoke

Lawrence Worcester's Photos on the Map

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