a fence pattern in Kaiserslautern Germany.
Parisan Lovers show affection for eachother freely.
A man and his son going for a swim. Photo shot with a disposal cam...
A stray dog resting in the shade on the island of Spetsus, Greece.
Pigeons on a fountain in Toronto, Canada.
My nephews toes popping out of the sand.
The ancient theatre of Epidavros.
My friend with a postcard he found on the ground, in Kaiserslautern...
View of the Rotunda, in the U.S. Capitol Building.
Sydney having a morning tantrum.
My niece enjoying the sand at Moonlight Beach.
Rose Left for those who have fallen in the Vietnam War.
The ancient theater of Epidavros, Greece.
Roses left to commemorate the fallen at the Vietnam Memorial. Wa...
A lamp on a closed foot path in Navplion, Greece.
A man posing in front of Sacre Crow paris.
Second floor of a cellblock at Eastern State Penitentiary, the coun...

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