Breakfast A good fishing day on the beach
In your Face My Grandson gets a surprise at a waterpark
Ghosts Artist commune in Rhyolite Nevada
Fishn' a foggy morning on the local lake
Cruise ships at rest in Cozumel Mexico
Emphatic MudMAn at the renaissance festival
The Artist....composing a live stage act
Poled...performers at Tulum Mexico
Fill'er Up...Festival in Rabbit Hash Kentucky
Back To The Boat....tourists in Cozumel Mexico
The Granddaughter in action
Tulum the beach and ruins at Tulum Mexico
National Museum Of The United States Air Force
The Pointy End...cruising in Cozumel
Lobsters Sunrise on Bailey Island Maine
Morning By The sea, First light in Bar Harbor
The Wall Arizona canyon wall beneath Hoover Dam
The mood at The Grand Canyon
On Edge....skyscraper construction in progress
Zabriskie in the mountains at Death Valley
Heavy Weather A snow storm at the local park
Miami Sunset over Miami from a cruise ship

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