Ray of Light on the Buddha Image
The Group of Men from the Market
Morning of Winter season in Myanmar
Buddhist Novice Between Rays of Light
Working in the Potty Workshop
I have creative the dream of my little baby.
The early morning at Sathan cave in Myanmar.
Padaung women from Khar State of Myanmar.
The boy from the Bago city is swarming in the water when the water ...
The winter scene of Shan state in Myanmar.
Chin women with tattoo on their faces from Chin state in Myanmar.
The group of people from the countryside of Vietnam are going back ...
The Chin tribe couple from Chin state in Myanmar.
The Burmese women are cooking the lunch for donation to the monks.
The group of photographer at the hot air balloon festival in Myanmar.
The farmer is working together his animals in the farm.
The woman from the Chin state of Myanmar. You can see the tattoo on...
The novice (Young Monk) and rays of light
The Inthar woman from the Inle lake of Myanmar
The Burmese women are planting the rice in the farm.
The 2 novices (Little monks) from Myanmar (Burma)
Winter scene of Shan state in Myanmar
The benders in the water in festival
Shadow & Reflection of the Burmese monk
Home work (pots making place)
Painting the nature. I creative this photos in photoshop CS3.
The old man and his native town. I mixed 2 photo to get this one.It...
The woman is working the home work with their traditional way.
The way of farmer at the countryside of Myanmar in the morning and ...
The nature world of our earth. I creative this photo with the mixin...
The little angle and red flowers. When my daughter said to me about...
The scene of Inle lake in Shan State of Myanmar.
The kids from the Myanmar are running to the river at sunset.
Crying baby from the countryside of Myanmar
The Myanmar traditional fire-balloon festival in Pyinoolwin town.
Burmese kids are playing soccer in the evening.
The fishermen are preparing the nets before they leaved to the sea ...
The lady welcome the visitors at the gate of temple in Thailand.
Shooting the fishermen when he is drying the fishes.
The worker of the red brick factory is looking the visitor.
The family from the countryside of Myanmar.
Brother N Sister from Papua New Guinea
Color of faces, the traditional way from the Papua New Guinea
Country boy from small village of Myanmar.
The lady worker from country side of Myanmar.
The boy from the countryside of Myanmar
Inlay lake is very famous in my country, Myanmar.It is also very fa...
The Buddha image from Bago in Myanmar.
Inther ( people from Inlay lake in Myanmar) are rowing the long boa...
The young monks from Myanmar.I found this young monks and the big B...
Myauk Oo is very famous accent city in my country, Myanmar.It is al...
This old wooden bridge is called U Pain Bridge in Myanmar.
Burmese novices are laying Soccer in the evening.This is innocent l...
The old building and Buddhist monk from Myanmar
Myanmar Traditional water festival.This festival take place in Apri...
The love story in the misty morning
Burmese man from the country side of Myanmar
Taken at national garden in Myanmar
The scene is winter season of China 2011.I take this photo in the s...
The Chinese woman is making traditional hand make paper in China.
The farmer from countryside of Myanmar is coming back from his farm...
I used IR camera Nikon D80 for this photo.
Yellow Leaves, I want to capture the different one as ordinary phot...
"In the City" People daily life of a city in Myanmar.
The kid from the small village is waiting her father fishing the fi...
Our Space and our planet
The fisherman from the Kayin State of Myanmar is fishing in the eve...
The group of Burmese are cooking for donation in the kitchen.
The visitor and sunset view of Bali, Indonesia.
The young novice from Myanmar. I found this group of Novices from t...
The group of Burmese women are going back to the home in the late e...
Shwedagon Pagoda Festival in Myanmar
Smile of little novice from Myanmar
Paying with lighting to Gods.
The Fishermen from Myanmar.
The fisherman from Myanmar.Location is Ngwe Saung Beach in Myanmar.

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