A cicada right after molting, resting on a lawn chair.
Siblings enjoying the sunset at Crescent Beach in Siesta Key, Florida
A butterfly being stepping from a boy's finger to his other hand
Sister not wanting brother's help with blowing out birthday candles
Girl watching the manta rays at Sea World in Orlando, Florida
Cooper the Basset Hound's first experience in a lake.
Practicing on the skim board on Crescent Beach, Siesta Key, Florida.
Siblings enjoying the sunset at Crescent Beach, Siesta Key, Florida.
Withered winter leaf hanging on snowy winter branch
My son waiting impatiently in line for a hayride
A pig at the fair waiting for the auction to begin
Sunset and lightning flashes on Crescent Beach
Softball batter at home plate swinging to get a hit
Before the midway opens for business at the county fair
Girl waiting for the school bus to arrive for the last day of eleme...
Piglet trying to nurse, but stuck on its mother's foot
Showing shells she found on Crescent Beach to her Mom and Dad
My husband and son taking our dog for a walk at the campground.
Autum and summer co-exist in leaves of this neighborhood tree.
Girl looking for seashells at the beach after sunset
Sun rising over a pond on a foggy autumn morning
Siblings jumping in the waves of Gulf of Mexico
Siblings making ice-cream the old fashioned way while camping
Little boy hands picking an apple off a tree
Black and Yellow Garden Spider (Argiope aurantia) in web, with prey
Amish families and English families waiting for the parade on Fourt...
Roadside pond on a crisp Autumn day, right before sunrise.
Piglet trying to nurse, stuck on mother's foot
An early Christmas morning view of a lighted Christmas tree reflect...
A spider moving suddenly to begin eating his prey.
Newly blooming cherry blossoms at Arlington National Cemetery.
A Basset Hound enjoying rolling in the Autumn leaves instead of sit...
Winning the motorcycle race at the Elkhart County 4-H Fair race.
Siblings watching the sunset on the beach during a light rain and p...
Demolition Derby at the 4-H Fair with firefighters on stand-by.

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